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    Seca Classic Big Dial Floor Scale, Black (7541135009)

    These scales with thier classic design make a good impression in every setting. A sturdy, powder-coated steel casing, a round dial scale and a low-maintenance tread area made of black faux leather - w ...  More Info
    $140 - $185
    (4 stores)

    Detecto Dr400 General Purpose Scale

    Scale, Shipping/Receiving, Digital, lb./kg conversion, 1" liquid crystal display, 400 lb x .5 lb/181 kg x .2 kg, 12" square platform, pushbutton tare, 9 volt supplied by (6) "AA" batteries (not includ ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Detecto Dr150 Digital Parcel Shipping Scale, Capacity 150lb X 0.2lbs and 68kg X 0.1kg

    Detecto Low Profile Platform Scale w/ Remote DisplayYou can easily mount the remote display of this Detecto Platform Scale on the wall or table. It has a large 1 inch display, units conversion and tar ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Detecto ProDoc Pd100 Remote Display Scale 480lb X 0.2lb

    The Detecto PD100 is a lightweight, portable physicians platform scale. It has a capacity of 480 Lbs, and calculates BMI at the touch of a button. The PD1000 has a remote display that can be mounted t ...  More Info
    $395.99 - $429.51
    (3 stores)

    Health O Meter 498kl Physician Digital Scale,500lb X 0.2lb

    The Health O Meter 498KL Digital Doctors Scale provides professional grade accuracy in a small footprint. The platform can be placed virtually anywhere, and the display can be set on a countertop or m ...  More Info
    (1 reviews)
    (1 store)

    Detecto ProDoc Pd300 Digital Column Scale 480lb X 0.2lb

    The Detecto Eye Level Physician Scale is a high-quality, medical facility grade scale. This scale has a capacity of 550 pounds. Unique features include body mass index calculation, auto shut-off mode, ...  More Info
    $374.99 - $431.19
    (2 stores)

    Health O Meter 599kl Digital Physician Scale, 500 X 0.2lb Health O Meter (00022319408360)

    The Health o meter 599KL High Capacity Physician Scale. 600lb capacity with 0.2lb resolution. This waist high scale has a durable, no-slip base for safe weighing and a waist high display with 1" digit ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Health O Meter Pro Series Large Raised Dial, Large Platform Scale (160KLS)

    Precise and accurate high capacity weight measurement and no batteries to replace. Design of the extra-large, easy-to-read round dial has been raised to allow for a larger platform. Display shows weig ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Health O Meter 160lb Mechanical Bathroom Scale (892076002053)

    The Health O Meter 160LB 160KL and 160KG Bathroom Scales have an extra large dial for easy viewing, and a non-slip, textured mat for your comfort. A capacity of 400 Lbs, and an accuracy of 1 Lb makes ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Health O Meter KL Digital Medical Scale (Health O Meter) (349KL)

    The Health O Meter 349KLX is well suited to the medical industry. It provides weight only readings and has a RS232 interface to connect with various software programs. It has a capacity of 400 Lbs and ...  More Info
    $233.33 - $245
    (2 stores)

    Detecto 6449 Eye Level Heavy Duty Digital Scale with Height Rod and Handpost, 400lb X 0.2lb (809161136104)

    The heavy-duty understructure of this digital eye-level scale incorporates a fabricated lever system that is enhanced by precision- ground, pressed-in knife edges which eliminate friction. Features "" ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Health o meter Pro Raised Dial Scale HLM160KL (Each)

    The Health O Meter 160LB 160KL and 160KG Bathroom Scales have an extra large dial for easy viewing, and a non-slip, textured mat for your comfort. A capacity of 400 Lbs, and an accuracy of 1 Lb makes ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Health O Meter 2101KL (Health O Meter) Digital Handrail Scale Bariatric (27045642453)

    The Health O Meter 2101KL has an extra large platform, a 1, 000 Lb capacity, and several advanced time-saving features. It is EMR ready through USB, it calculates BMI, and it tares, holds & reweighs. T ...  More Info
    (2 stores)

    Health O Meter 499kl Waist High Digital Scale, 500lb Capacity, 0.2lb Resolution (892076002527)

    The Health O Meter 499KL has a capacity of 500 lbs & tons of advanced features. It's very similar to the 500KL, except the display is waist level and does not include a height rod. It calculates BMI, ...  More Info
    (2 stores)

    Omron Healthcare Omron Fat Loss Monitor with Scale Model Hbf 400 (405198)

    This scale holds up to 300 lbs. and measures 3 fitness indicators, including body fat percentage, Body Mass Index (BMI) and body weight. Four personal profiles allow multiple family members to track t ...  More Info
    $49.89 - $59.99
    (4 stores)

    Seca Aura 807 Digital Personal Scale with Glass Surface (694151006754)

    Seca Aura 807 Digital Flat platform Bathroom Scale This attractive scale has an extremely flat platform, high-quality glass surface and four load cells made of brushed stainless steel. Rounding out th ...  More Info
    (3 stores)

    Omron Healthcare HBF-306 Portable Body Fat Analyzer (WAYOZH1004)

    Omron Healthcare HBF-306CN Features: -Body fat analyzer. -Measures body fat in seconds with clinically proven accuracy. -Provides body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage. -9 Person memory settin ...  More Info
    $28 - $39.99
    (3 stores)

    Escali Glass Platform Bathroom Scale Square (857817000989)

    (1 reviews)
    $29.99 - $33.99
    (4 stores)

    Health O Meter Dial Scale Silver (HLM100LB)

    The Health O Meter 160LB 160KL and 160KG Bathroom Scales have an extra large dial for easy viewing, and a non-slip, textured mat for your comfort. A capacity of 400 Lbs, and an accuracy of 1 Lb makes ...  More Info
    (1 reviews)
    $81 - $81.67
    (2 stores)

    Taylor 7506 Bath Scale

    Ensure you're receiving accurate readings with the Taylor Lithium Electronic Glass Scale. Large 1.0'' LCD readout and weighs up to 330 lbs.  More Info
    $26.90 - $53.99
    (2 stores)

    HoMedics Sc405 Glass and Digital Bathroom Scale (31262027757)

    HoMedics 405 Glass & Silver Digital Scale 11.25" x 11.25" SC-405 HoMedics 405 Digital Scale is a beautifully designed, thin profile scale. HoMedics 405 Digital Scalehas a glass platform and is made of ...  More Info
    (1 reviews)
    (1 store)

    Escali Glass Precision Lithium Scale Square (B180SMB)

    Colors galore!! Make your scale match your kitchen or bathroom. The Escali B180 Glass Platform Bathroom scales come in 7 eye catching colors from a Rio Red to Midnight Blue and in either round or squa ...  More Info
    $29.99 - $33.99
    (5 stores)

    Taylor 7340 Super Capacity 440 Pound Scale (73404072)

    Taylor Lithium Electronic Digital Bath Scale Model 73404072 has an extra larte 1.8"" LCD readout and super high 440 lb capacity. The Soft Step rubberized platform is oversized with extra foot space.  More Info
    $31.99 - $66
    (3 stores)

    Escali Xlarge Display Bathroom Scale 400lb 180kg (857817000729)

    The large digits on the XL bathroom scale make for easier reading, and the convenient tap-on platform allows the user to tap the top of the platform to turn the scale on. Once weight is measured, the ...  More Info
    $38.99 - $47.99
    (7 stores)