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    Results 121 - 144 of about 1,501

    Source Naturals - Inflama -Rest - 90 tabs () Supplement

    Bio-Aligned Formula? COX-2 InhibitorInflama-Rest? is a Bio-Aligned Formula which may ease joint function and support comfortable movement via inhibition of the COX-2 enzyme.  More Info
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    Ephemere TruffleCremes in Dark Chocolate No. 52 - 6 oz

    Bite-sized truffles made of deep, dark chocolate. Dark chocolate connoisseurs will delight in the intense flavor of Ephemere Dark Chocolate TruffleCremes. Each deep, dark chocolate piece is made using premium dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate couverture. These bite-sized morsels feature a velvety-smooth dark chocolate center enrobed in a firm outer layer of even more gourmet dark chocolate. Each truffle is individually wrapped in vibrant red foil. Master Chocolatier Dana Davenport started Dilettante Chocolates in 1976, creating hand-dipped chocolate truffles inspired by formulas passed down through three generations. TruffleCremes are an evolution of our original truffles; a creamy blend of the finest chocolate and natural flavors. A family tradition, started in 1898 with the Master Confectioner for Emperor Franz Josef I, is continued today with these delectable treats. Dilettante's signature flavor experience, Ephemere, is an heirloom family recipe handed down to Dana by his grandfather. It describes our proprietary cooking method that unites caramelized butter, sugar and cream to create a velvety smooth chocolate truffle unlike any you've ever tasted. The term ephemere is derived from the word ephemeral, meaning a brief, heavenly experience of intense pleasure. The exact recipe is a well-guarded secret, but you can be sure that each Ephemere Chocolate Truffle is a little slice of heaven, right here on earth. More Info
    Seller: Dilettante Chocolates
    (In stock)

    Cerenia Rx

    Cerenia tablets prevent vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs. Motion sickness can impact the whole family. Just like humans, when your dog is car sick, traveling can be an unpleasant experience. Get your dog ready to ride with Cerenia (maropitant citrate) approved to prevent vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs. Safe and effective Non-sedating Once-daily dosing FDA - Approved Recommended for dogs 16 weeks of age or older Your dog's motion sickness is caused when the vestibular system in the ear (which controls balance and helps dogs process motion) isn't fully developed or doesn't function properly. Motion sickness can also be associated with the stress and anxiety some dogs experience during a car ride, and can sometimes be linked to a previous bad travel experience. Although some dogs outgrow motion sickness, others may be affected for the rest of their lives. Dogs with motion sickness may show a variety of signs, including: Drooling Dry heaving Excessive lip licking Inactivity Pacing Rapid panting Restlessness Shaking Whining Yawning Vomiting Cerenia (maropitant citrate) tablets might be a solution for your dog. Prescription items are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE. More Info
    Seller: Pet Supplies 4 Less
    (In stock)

    Nutro Natural Choice Wholesome Essentials Senior Formula Dry Dog Food

    Nutro Natural Choice is offering an improved formula for your senior dog! Nutro Natural Choice Wholesome Essentials Senior Formula Dry Dog Food is made with real chicken as its first ingredient, which also provides the kind of protein your old friend needs. Theres also whole grains that aids in digestion while also providing a great, natural source of minerals and vitamins. With patented levels of linoleic acid, zinc and B vitamins and of course, glucosamine and chondroitin, your dogs health, from the inside out, will shine and keep him/her in great shape for the golden years to come! *Note: Nutro Natural Choice Senior Dry Dog Food is now known as Nutro Natural Choice Wholesome Essentials Senior Formula Dry Dog Food. More Info
    (In stock)

    NutriVision with Lutein

    NutriVision with Lutein, 100 tabletsHIGHEST QUALITY FORMULA: Best ingredients available.SCIENTIFIC FORMULAMade in USA at FDA cGMP Registered Facility.HIGHLY REGARDED AND RECOGNIZED: Our Products Have Been Consistently Recommended By The Foremost Nutritional Scientists Like Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Linus Pauling Key benefits of NutriVisionAll natural solutionContains all the daily essential vitamins and mineralsHelps reduce risk of age-related macular degenerationSupports better night vision More Info
    Manufacturer: Bronson Vitamins
    Seller: Bronson VitaminsFree Shipping on $49
    (In stock)

    Advantage Multi (Advocate) Dogs Over 55lbs (25kg) - 3 Pack

    Many large dogs make great guards. They watch for intruders and keep your family safe in the night. Don’t you owe it to them to do the same? A big dog can be a tough customer, but they are still vulnerable to the tiniest of foes. That’s where Advantage Multi 3 Pack for X Large dogs over 55 lbs plays a pivotal role. It can treat and prevent these pesky parasites from doing your beloved family pet fatal harm. It treats and prevents attacks from:Fleas on your dogs fluffy coatEar Mites in their floppy soft earsGastrointestinal worms in your companions sensitive stomachHeartworms in your dogs most important muscleTreats and prevents Lungwormand WhipwormJust apply the medication once a month and your dog is covered, so he can keep covering you. More Info
    Seller: Pet Bucket
    (In stock)

    Piracetam & Choline (30 Day Supply)

    For those who want to see if Piracetam is right for them, we offer our 30-Day Supply of Piracetam and Choline. Within that time span, youll definitely experience the cognitive and neuro benefits that come from the smart drug and its intelligence-enhancing properties. With each 30-Day Supply, youll get: One 60-capsule, tamper-proof bottle of U.S.-manufactured Piracetam, 800 mg per capsule, One bottle of 250mg Choline to bolster the Piracetam. The Benefits of Piracetam: Piracetam enhances cognitive ability, Piracetam enables you to focus better and stay on task, Piracetam has anti-aging properties that help keep your mind alert, Piracetam counters the effects of alcohol on the brain, Piracetam is easily assimilated by the human body, Piracetam is non-toxic, Piracetam is non-addictive More Info
    Seller: Piracetam Supplement
    (In stock)

    Ultra EPA/DHA 90c - Pharmax (Pharmax) (PA0056)

    $23 - $46
    (2 stores)

    Apple Cider vinegar 600mg 200 Capsules

    Popular alongside detox routines Helps flush your system** Supplies all the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar** Supports weight management regimens** More Info
    Seller: Piping Rock Health Products
    (In stock)

    Puritan's Pride Calm Tabs with Valerian, Passion Flower, Hops, Chamomile-100 Tablets

    End your day the Calm Tab way! Calm Tabs is a unique blend of more than five herbal ingredients, including Valerian and Hops. More Info
    Manufacturer: Puritans Pride
    Seller: Puritan's Pride®Save up to 50% or more + Free Shipping on any
    (In stock)

    Catuaba Bark 470 mg 2 Bottles x 120 Capsules

    Considered an adaptogenic herb, Catuaba Bark supplies active alkaloids that may promote stamina and peak physical performance.** Its revitalizing, stimulating effects have been prized in Brazilian folk wellness practices for over a century, where it is used to ignite libido, energize performance and sharpen mental alertness.** More Info
    Seller: Piping Rock Health Products
    (In stock)

    Natural Balance Venison & Sweet Potato Canned Dog Food

    Help ensure the comfort of your sweet canine with Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato Canned Dog Food. Your dog may have allergies to a variety of ingredients that are common to many pet foods on the market. Sensitivities such as these can lead to physical distress that is avoidable with the right kind of food for dogs. The limited ingredient combination of a single protein (venison) and a single carbohydrate (sweet potato) blend with canola oil to provide a complete and balanced diet without allergic reaction. In addition, there is no wheat, barley, rice, or corn in Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato Canned Dog Food. More Info
    Manufacturer: Natural Balance
    (In stock)

    Puritan's Pride Double Strength Phytosterol Complex 2000mg (per serving)-60 Softgels

    Provides Plant SterolsCholesterol SupportMay Reduce the Risk of Heart DiseaseScientific evidence demonstrates that diets that include phytosterols may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.and, Our specialized formula exceeds strict quality standards for levels of phytosterols (beta sitosterol, stigmasterol, and campesterol) - the active ingredients that help maintain cholesterol levels already within a normal range.Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 2 g per day of plant sterols eaten with meals or snacks may reduce the risk of heart disease. A serving of Double Strength Phytosterol Complex supplies 1 g of plant sterols.and, More Info
    Manufacturer: Puritans Pride
    Seller: Puritan's Pride®Save up to 50% or more + Free Shipping on any
    (In stock)

    No Flush Niacin (Vitamin B3) 500 mg

    No Flush Niacin (Vitamin B3) 500 mg., 100 capsulesHIGHEST QUALITY FORMULA: Best ingredients available.TOP POTENCY: Specially formulated to help avoid the uncomfortable flushing of the neck and face, often associated with Niacin.Made in USA at FDA cGMP Registered Facility.HIGHLY REGARDED AND RECOGNIZED: Our Products Have Been Consistently Recommended By The Foremost Nutritional Scientists Like Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Linus Pauling Key benefits of NiacinA very importnat member of the Vitamin B familyMaintain healthy cholesterol levelsHelps maintain healthy skin More Info
    Manufacturer: Bronson
    Seller: Bronson VitaminsFree Shipping on $49
    (In stock)

    L-Phenylalanine 500 mg 2 Bottles x 60 Capsules

    An essential amino acid. Supports healthy nervous system and moods.** Easy-to-swallow quick release capsules containing free-form L-phenylalanine. More Info
    Seller: Piping Rock Health Products
    (In stock)

    Ortho Molecular Products Ortho Molecular - Natranix 4 Kids 4oz

    (1 store)

    Ortho Molecular Products Ortho Molecular Chondro Flx 180 Capsules Supplement

    Glucosamine Sulfate a chondroprotective agent that is a major building block of both cartilage and joint fluid. Numerous clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of Glucosamine. Studies show 1500 ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    Pycnogenol 150 mg 120 Vcaps by Healthy Origins

    Healthy Origins Pycnogenol 150 mg 120 Vcaps Pycnogenol is naturally derived from French Maritime Pine Bark. Pycnogenol is rich in procyanidins, which may help to provide protection from cell-damaging free radicals. More Info
    Manufacturer: Healthy Origins
    Seller: Better Health International
    (In stock)

    Hyaluronic Acid 50mg 2 Bottles x 100 Capsules

    Naturally found in all connective tissues. Supports tissue and skin health.** Promotes lubricated joints.** More Info
    Manufacturer: Acid
    Seller: Piping Rock Health Products
    (In stock)

    Puritan's Pride One Daily Men's Multivitamin-100 Caplets

    A Convenient Vitamin for the Man on the Go! Compare and Save!The basis of any nutritional supplement program is a powerful multivitamin and heres one tailor-made for men!Once-daily formula provides a comprehensive array of vitamins and mineralsIncludes 700 IU of Vitamin D to support bone and immune system health, and 100% of the Daily Value of Zinc to aid with energy metabolism and male reproductive health More Info
    Manufacturer: Puritan's Pride
    Seller: Puritan's Pride®Save up to 50% or more + Free Shipping on any
    (In stock)

    Pharmax rebuild (TP04H70)

    (1 store)

    RM-10 120 Caplets by Garden of Life

    Garden of Life RM-10 120 Caplets RM-10 is a combination of 10 organically grown, tonic mushrooms, that have been specially selected for their superior genetic heritage and then carefully cultivated to ensure they maintain their integrity and potency. This proprietary blend is synergistically balanced with Cat's Claw and Poten-Zyme Selenium, a highly absorbable form of selenium. More Info
    Manufacturer: Garden Of Life
    Seller: Better Health International
    (In stock)

    FlaviNOx 90 Vegetarian Caps by Nutricology

    Nutricology FlaviNOx 90 Vegetarian Caps A state-of-the-art combination of herbal extracts with standardized bioflavonoids, providing broad spectrum antioxidant protection. More Info
    Manufacturer: Nutricology
    Seller: Better Health International
    (In stock)