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    Results 1 - 24 of about 1,501

    RED Drive Medical Bobcat X3 Wheel Compact Portable Travel Power Mobility Scooter

    (1 store)

    Medline Translator, Rollator/transport Chair, Red (MDS808200TRR)

    The Medline Translator easily converts from a rollator to a transport chair and vice-versa. The comfortable, spacious seat is more than 75-percent roomier than the average rollator seat.  More Info
    (1 store)

    MedLine Bariatric Rollator Walker/Seat 400lb Capacity (MDS86800XW)

    Stay stable and comfortable with this foldable rollator walker from Medline. Its PVC grips feature hand brakes for motion control, and the removable storage basket in front provides a convenient place ...  More Info
    (1 reviews)
    (1 store)

    Medline Excel K1 Basic Extra-Wide Wheelchairs (MDS806400EE)

    K1 Basic Wheelchair. Seat 20"W X 16"D; Black, Nylon Upholstery, Removable Desk-Length Arms And Swing Away, Detachable Foot Rests; 300Lb Weight Capacity.  More Info
    (1 store)

    The Original Ampli Ear Hearing Amplifier

    The Original Ampli Ear hearing amplifier is designed for comfort and performance. What makes the Ampli Ear our best selling product is its affordability. Many of our customers are looking to be first time hearing aid users not looking to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids not covered by their insurance and perhaps not yet necessary, which makes the Ampli Ear personal sound amplifier a perfect starter. More Info
    Manufacturer: E.A.R.
    Seller: HearingAid2020
    (In stock)

    X-Tra Hand 2-in-1 Portable Workbench/Platform, 500-Lb. Capacity, Silver

    This patented 2-in-1 workbench/platform design features a portable, collapsible workbench that easily converts to a work platform with 500lb. capacity. The extra large, square-framed 39.8in.L x 18.8in.W wood workbench surface includes a versatile utility tray, V-groove for cutting pipe, drill-through clearance and protractor and ruler for layout work. In platform mode the 46.28in.L unit features high-impact polypropylene decking; extruded, extendable aluminum legs; a welded steel frame; and non-skid feet. Both modes provide access to the on-board power strip for plug-in convenience. Built-in handle allows easy transport. Up to 31.6in.H overall height when fully extended. More Info
    Seller: Kotula'sFree Shipping on orders over $25
    (In stock)

    Lift It! Deluxe

    Lift It! Deluxe is a clever construction game that will build up the silliness at your next family game night.When it's your turn, use a small crane to attempt to stack colored building blocks in a formation depicted on your card.Maneuvering the blocks before time runs out can be tricky—especially when you have the crane strapped to your head! The Head Spaces use the included velcro strap and your noggin' to add another level of silliness and difficulty to this interactive board game.Play individually or on teams, where you and a partner work together to control the same hook. More Info
    Manufacturer: Head
    Seller: Vat19.comFree shipping on orders over $125.
    (In stock)

    Juzo 20-30 Compression Pantyhose Model 2581 Hostess

    Juzo 20-30 Compression Pantyhose Model 2581 HostessP>Juzo 20-30 Compression Pantyhose Model 2581 Hostess Closed Toe   Juzo Hostess Attractive line was developed for the fashion conscious woman who wants to keep her elegant appearance during compression therapy. Our objective is to combine comfort, aesthetics and optimal medical effectiveness at the highest level Colors available are: Black or Noblesse. Please refer to the Juzo Sizing Chart below to see what size that you wear: More Info
    Manufacturer: Juzo
    Seller: American Drug Supply Store
    (In stock)

    New Life Size Human Anatomical Anatomy Skeleton Medical Model + Stand

    (In stock)

    Carex Elongated Toilet Seat Elevator (B30600)

    The Elongated Toilet Seat Elevator works in conjunction with your existing toilet seat and lid for a less clinical look. The elevator assists users with bending or sitting difficulties by adding 3 1/2 ...  More Info
    $29.21 - $56.99
    (2 stores)

    Derma Sciences Surgilast Tubular Elastic Dressing Retainer 25 Yds Stretched Whit

    (1 store)

    Advantage Multi (Advocate) Large Dogs 20.1-55 lbs (Red) - 3 Doses

    Advantage Multi, also known as Advocate kills and controls fleas, heartworms, gastrointestinal worms, sarcoptic mange, demodicosis, and ear mite infestation in canines. More Info
    Manufacturer: Bayer
    Seller: budgetpetworldNew Stock with Enough Expiry Date
    (In stock)

    Serola Sacroiliac Belt

    Because of the stability the New Serola Sacroiliac Belt gives to the base of your spine, strength is increased throughout your back, hips, and legs, and your chances of injury are lessened considerably during work or play Designed to compress and support the sacroiliac joints 3 wide SI belt supports the sacroiliac joints relieving stress and instability Breathable, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic Solution For Back Pain, Hip Pain, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction, Piriformis Syndrome, Upper Leg Pain, Pelvic Pain Sizes Small (30 to 34 Hip Measurement) Medium (34 to 40 Hip Measurement) Large (40 to 46 Hip Measurement) X-Large (46 to 52 Hip Measurement) More Info
    Manufacturer: Serola
    Seller: HeartRate Monitors USA
    (In stock)

    Surgilube Lubricating Jelly - Sterile - 4.25 oz tube - - bx 12

    Surgilube Lubricating Jelly The Surgilube Lubricating Jelly by Fougera is a unique blend of natural water-soluble gums. Surgilube provides instant, continuous lubricating action for easy, comfortable insertion of catheters, endoscopes, surgical instruments, magic bullet suppositories and gloves into body orifices. Surgilube - your assurance of safety, reliability and convenience. Comparable to KY Jelly. K-Y. Surgilube Lubricating Jelly Uses Proven effective lubrication in: Ob/Gyn, Urology, Proctology, Emergency Rooms, Labor Rooms, Medical Surgical Floors, Out-Patient clinics. Surgilube Lubricating Jelly Benefits Safe, Reliable, Convenient. Sterile & Bacteriostatic. Crystal clear, will not cloud optics (cystoscopy, sigmoidoscopy) Directions: Use according to package instructions. The surgilube lubricating jelly does not come with an applicator tip. More Info
    Seller: AllegroMedical.comSurgilube Lubricating Jelly The Surgilube Lubricating Jelly by Fougera is a unique blend of natural
    (In stock)

    AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber (Large)

    The AeroDawg is designed to be used with a metered dose inhaler (puffer) as recommended by a veterinarian to deliver aerosol medication to dogs with respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, laryngeal paralysis or tracheal collapse. When the AeroDawg CAC is attached to the puffer, it allows the dog to breathe normally and inhale the aerosol medication so that the medication goes deep into the dog?s lungs where it is needed. Helps owners administer inhaled medication to dogs Flow-Vu Indicator shows that the dog is receiving the medication it needs and allows monitoring of number of breaths taken Shatterproof anti-static chamber ensures the puffer medication is delivered deep into the dog?s lungs Comes with two mask sizes Easy to clean For dogs over 20lbs Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) sold separately More Info
    Seller: California Pet PharmacyIn Stock
    (In stock)

    Medline Excel Extra-Wide 22 Wheelchair

    Threaded seat screw inserts minimize stripping from upholstery changes. Armrests and calf pads are upholstered and padded. Carbon steel frame with rust- and chip-resistant chrome plating. Easy-to-clean navy vinyl upholstery. Chart pocket on back.Seat size 22 x 18 (56 cm x 46 cm) Optional accessories: Anti-Fold Device (item MDS85196, MDS851965SHfor 24 chairs ), Overhead Anti-Theft Device for 18 -22 Models (item MDS85197A, MDS85197SH for 24 chairs), I.V. Pole (item MDS85183), O2 Holder (item MDS85181U), O2/I.V. Combo (item MDS85190), Anti-Tip Device (item MDS85189), 22 Pushbar (item MDS85192) ,Tinnerman Legrest Lock (item WCA806991). More Info
    Manufacturer: Medline
    (In stock)

    Sigvaris 230 Cotton Series 20-30 mmHg Women's Closed Toe Knee Highs - 232C

    Sigvaris 230 Cotton Series 20-30 mmHgSigvaris Cotton Series is friendly to your skin... 100% cotton next to the skin combined with soft nylon yarns ensure the highest level of comfort. Comfortable... the combination fabric of the 230 Series absorbs perspiration and prevents heat build-up. The high-stretch knit construction provides a high degree of elasticity, making the stockings easy to put on and remove. Natural... made from the finest cotton, the 230 Series is ideal for wearing in the warmest weather and for people with sensitive skin. Durable... double-covered yarns ensure durability and a long product life, making the cool cotton suitable for everyday and leisure wear. Sold per pair.Fabric Content:50% Nylon25% Spandex25% CottonLATEX FREENeed help determining your size? Use the sizing wizard below to quickly and accurately locate your appropriate size:Catalog Numbers:White:232CSSW00, 232CSLW00, 232CMSW00, 232CMLW00, 232CLSW00, 232CLLW00, 232CXSW00, 232CXLW00Navy:232CSSW10,  232CSLW10, 232CMSW10, 232CMLW10, 232CLSW10, 232CLLW10, 232CXSW10, 232CXLW10Black Mist:232CSSW14, 232CSLW14, 232CMSW14, 232CMLW14, 232CLSW14, 232CLLW14, 232CXSW14, 232CXLW14Crispa:232CSSW66, 232CSLW66, 232CMSW66, 232CMLW66, 232CLSW66, 232CLLW66, 232CXSW66, 232CXLW66Chocolate:232CSSW88, 232CSLW88, 232CMSW88, 232CMLW88, 232CLSW88, 232CLLW88, 232CXSW88, 232CXLW88Black:232CSSW99, 232CSLW99, 232CMSW99, 232CMLW99,  232CLSW99, 232CLLW99, 232CXSW99, 232CXLW99 FILES BELOW BEST VIEWED IN INTERNET EXPLORER Download Measuring Instructions (PDF). CLOSED TOE, CALF: More Info
    Manufacturer: Sigvaris
    Seller: American Drug Supply Store
    (In stock)

    Baby Infant Scale Weight Toddler Grow Health Electronic Meter Digital Veterinary

    (In stock)

    WonderGel Original Gel Seat Cushion

    The perfect choice for those who are always sitting down on the job. This innovative WonderGel original portable seat cushion uses patented Column-Buckling Gel to provide extreme comfort and support while eliminating pressure hot spots. Ultra-soft, ultra-strong, solid rubber-like Gelastic® material provides cradling relief for bony areas and firm, comfortable support for broader body surfaces. A unique pressure equalization technology delivers hours of amazing sitting comfort that is ideal for the home or office and is very popular among professional truckers. 16in.L x 18in.W x 1.25in. Thick. U.S.A. More Info
    Seller: Kotula'sFree Shipping on orders over $25
    (In stock)

    Advantage Multi (Advocate) for Small Dogs 3-9 lbs (Green) - 3 Doses

    Advantage Multi, also known as Advocate kills and controls fleas, heartworms, gastrointestinal worms, sarcoptic mange, demodicosis, and ear mite infestation in canines. More Info
    Manufacturer: Bayer
    Seller: budgetpetworldNew Stock with Enough Expiry Date
    (In stock)

    Toothette Oral Swabs with Dentifrice - Mint Flavored. - Individually Wrapped - bx 250

    Toothette Oral Swab Toothette Oral Swab are designed for patients who can perform all or most of their oral care, but who may also require some nursing assistance. Provides adequate oral hygiene for patients who may also suffer from mild oral dysfunction. Soft, secure foam heads with distinct ridges gently lift and remove debris and mucus from oral cavity. Use to gently stimulate tender oral tissue and clean between teeth. Ready to use. Treated with mint-flavored dentifrice. Toothette Oral Care contains only proven, effective cleansing solutions. Pink foam swabsticks. More Info
    Manufacturer: Sage
    Seller: AllegroMedical.comToothette Oral Swab Toothette Oral Swab are designed for patients who can perform all or most of th
    (In stock)

    Omron BP710N 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    Omron BP710N is a simple to use upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor. It will store up to 14 readings in its memory for a single user, allowing you to track patterns of the heart. Uses omrons wide range cuff that will fit arms of 9 to 17 inches. What's Included BP710N Unit Wide-range cuff (fits arms 9 to 17 in circumference) Instruction manual Quick start guide Features Wide-range D-ring cuff comfortably accommodates arms from 9” to 17” in circumference One-touch operation gives you an accurate reading simply with the press of a single button Irregular heartbeat detector notifies you if an irregular heartbeat is detected while monitoring Digital display is large and easy to read No. 1 doctor and pharmacist recommended home blood pressure monitor Feel empowered by accuracy with precise readings you can trust Alerts you instantly if an irregular heartbeat is detected while your blood pressure is being measured Track your health at home with the ability to review the last 14 readings NOTE: Unit operates on 4AA batteries (not included) More Info
    Seller: HeartRate Monitors USA
    (In stock)

    Quality Cartridge Reloading Brass 6.5mm STW Box of 20

    Quality Cartridge started in 1990 manufacturing custom, obsolete and wildcat cartridge cases. Quality Cartridge uses the highest quality materials and equipment to produce the best brass available. Along with the high quality of their products Quality Cartridge also properly head stamps over 450 different calibers from popular wildcats to obsolete cartridges. It is easy to see why Quality Cartridge has become the go-to source for obscure cartridge needs. Because of variations in case size for some specialty cartridges, it is best to check the brass against a fired case from a particular firearm to ensure suitability. Whenever possible, brass has been formed to published standards for the cartridge. This is not loaded ammunition. Preparation: Due to the manufacturing process and/or shipping, case mouths may not be perfectly round. To ensure a round case mouth, cases must be sized (or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through case neck) and deburred/Chamfered prior to loading. Notes: A light staining may be found on the case neck of new brass. This is due to annealing. Annealing is a process, performed by the manufacturer, which involves rapid heating to a specified temperature followed by rapid cooling. This process imparts cases with the proper hardness to securely hold a bullet as well as gives flexibility to expand and contract upon firing and repeated forming. The staining is a residue from this process. This stain may be removed by tumbling before loading. Searches for products like these typically include: Reloading Supplies,Brass,Rifle Brass,6.5mm STW More Info
    Seller: MidwayUSA
    (In stock)

    Revolution Cats 5 -15lbs (Blue) 3 Doses

    Revolution for Cats is an excellent protection against fleas and ticks. It prevents various internal and external parasites such as heartworms roundworms hookworms fleas and ear mites. More Info
    Manufacturer: Pfizer
    Seller: canadapetcare.comNew Stock with Enough Expiry Date
    (In stock)