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    Turbosound iQ8 2500W 8 Powered Speaker (8 2500W iQ Series Speaker)

    PA Systems & Speakers - The 2,500 watt Turbosound IQ8 powered loudspeaker is a fantastic option for almost any portable or fixed installation sound reinforcement application. The IQ8's is chock-full of features and cutting edge technology, somehow crammed into a really compact design, to ensure you get the best performance and clearest signal possible. Use the built-in Klark Teknik DSP for EQ control, speaker modeling of the industry-standard loudspeakers, and Spatial Contour Control (SCC) for dialing in the IQ8 for the exact application you need. Turbosound IQ8 Powered Loudspeaker at a Glance: Klark Teknik DSP controlling EQ, speaker modeling, and more. DSP SCC optimizes frequency response for the speaker's placement. Ultranet enabled for Cat 5 transfer of audio with other Ultranet enabled products. Klark Teknik DSP controlling EQ, speaker modeling, and moreTake control of every aspect of your sound with the built-in DSP. The Turbosound IQ8 loudspeaker gives you the ability to manipulate everything from the EQ of your speaker and transparent limiting, to powerful speaker-modeling technology, giving you accurate models of audio's most respected loudspeakers. The integrated technology comes direct from Klark Teknik, one of the leaders in pro-audio technology, ensuring top-level performance of your IQ8 in any application.DSP SCC optimizes frequency response for the speaker's placementSick of fighting with room or speaker placement acoustics to get the best sound possible? Those days are gone with the Turbosound IQ8 powered loudspeaker. Another amazing Klark Teknik addition to the loudspeaker is the Spatial Contour Control, or SCC. Once the IQ8 is set up for your application you can use the rear-panel amp module to quickly and efficiently tune the speaker system to its position and location with the SCC technology. Never get stuck with less-than optimal sound from your sound reinforcement speakers again. Ultranet enabled for Cat 5 transfer of audio with other Ultranet-enabled productsAnalog means of sound transfer have been around for years and years. But there is a better way! The Turbosound IQ8 powered loudspeaker offers Ultranet digital audio networking for sending multi-channel audio between it and other Ultranet enabled products such as digital mixers and personal monitor systems. When using the single digital Cat 5 cable, not only are you able to do away with the RFI interference that can sometimes plague analog methods, but setup and tear-down become a simple and quick process allowing you to focus on the job at hand.Turbosound IQ8 Powered Loudspeaker Features: DSP-controlled loudspeaker for many different sound reinforcement applications. Control of your EQ, speaker modeling, and more with Klark Teknik DSP. SCC quickly dials in your IQ8 for its changing applications. Cat 5 audio transfer with other Ultranet enabled products. 8 woofer and 1 compression driver offer a clear sound. 2,500 watt Class D power amplifier. Dual-angle pole mount. Visual control over parameters with the LCD screen. PC remote control software available for download. The Turbosound IQ8 is great for almost any sound reinforcement situation! PA Speakers More Info
    Seller: SweetwaterFree Shipping!
    (In stock)

    Portable Powerpack Supply - 1500 Watts

    Portable power system supplies up to 1500 Watts of household electricity. Electronically converts 12V power from the battery pack to a 110V power supply that can jump-start a car with 600 CCA and provide power to run a 27in. TV, 1000 Watt microwave, 16 cu. ft. refrigerator or 12 Amp circular saw. Powered by a rechargeable sealed 60Ah AGM battery. Includes a built-in 1500 Watt inverter, one 12V DC and two 120V AC sockets and storage compartment. Large wheels, 24in. removable padded grip handle, and built-in side handles. For outdoor and indoor applications. Recharges from standard wall outlet or from car, truck or RV. More Info
    Seller: Kotula'sFree Shipping on orders over $25
    (In stock)

    AZ-1 Portable Automotive Hand Control System

    Colours AZ-1 Portable Hand Controls If anyone can take a boring product like portable vehicle car hand controls to the next level you would expect Colours can. Unlike the typical portable car hand control systems, Colours has managed to spice up the old driving sticks with a few new features. Although you might say that anodizing the automotive hand controls blue is like putting lipstick on a pig, I say this is how you know theyre crafted from Aerospace Aluminum, the 6061 T-6 aluminum. Thats the good stuff in case you were wondering, not the garbage they make Coke cans and Turkey Frying Pots out of. So if youre planning a trip or need to use a rental car for some duration, you'd better have a pair of portable hand controls at the ready. And if youre looking for something lightweight, foldable and blue, look no further then the Colours AZ-1 portable hand controls. The AZ-1 portable hand control is made for use on automatic transmission vehicles for drivers who dont have the use of their legs but do possess a high degree of hand control and function. The AZ-1 portable hand control is not ideal for individuals with limited hand dexterity. Quadriplegics may not have success using the AZ-1 portable hand control. Portable Hand Controls Features Strong and Lightweight: Material is Aerospace Aluminum 6061 T-6 Adjustable Length: The length can be adjusted to suit each users needs Collapsible Design: The controls are made to collapse for storage when traveling Professional Grip: The handgrip is a professional grip that wont heat up when your car gets hot Easy Installation: The AZ-1 Automotive Hand Controls are easy to install and remove on most vehicles Material: Aerospace Aluminum (6061 T-6) Function: Push to brake, thumb for gas control Left hand use Adjustable length No tools needed for adjustment of installation See how the AZ-1 Portable Hand Controls attach to your car Please Note: The Colours AZ-1 Portable Hand Controls DOES NOT come with a strap to brace the hand controls to the steering column. If you are not satisfied with the Automotive Hand Controls please return them within 30 days for a full refund minus the shipping charges. This product has a 2-4 day lead time prior to shipment on all orders. More Info
    Seller: AllegroMedical.comColours AZ-1 Portable Hand Controls If anyone can take a boring product like portable vehicle car
    (In stock)

    42, 000 BTU Outdoor Patio Propane Heater - Bronze Finish

    Add warmth and style to every outdoor get-together with 42,000 BTU of heat and a handsome hammertone bronze finish. Heats up to a 130 sq. foot area to keep your patio warm and cozy. An electronic piezo ignition and adjustable flame provide convenience and control. Uses 20-lb. propane tank (not included). 31.8L x 31.8 W x 87H. More Info
    Seller: Kotula'sFree Shipping on orders over $25
    (In stock)

    Waves 360 Surround Tools Plug-in Bundle (360 Surround Bun) Processor

    Software & Plug-ins - The Waves 360 Surround Tools plug-in bundle packs 14 of Wave's powerhouse surround sound processing tools into one extremely affordable package. Whether it's film, video, or music, if you do any 5.1 surround mixing on a regular basis, you absolutely have to get your hands on the 360 Surround Tools bundle. This phenomenal bundle provides you with plug-ins for surround sound compression, field manipulation, reverb processing, and sub-bass enhancement. You also get a complete toolset for mixing down to stereo, converting stereo files into surround sound audio, and metering in 5.1. Any engineer here at Sweetwater that works with surround sound projects will tell you: the Waves 360 Surround Tools bundle is a must-have!Waves 360 Surround Tools Plug-in Bundle Features: A complete toolset for porcessing, mixing, and enhancing your surround sound mixes. A must-have plug-in bundle for anyone working in video or film post production, or creating 5.1 surround mixes for music. Includes 14 of Waves' most powerful surround-sound plug-ins. Waves 360 Surround Tools Bundle Included Plug-ins: C360 Surround Compressor. Dorrough Stereo. Dorrough Surround. IDR360 Bit Re-Quantizer. L360 Surround Limiter. LFE360 Low-Pass Filter. LoAir. M360 Surround Manager & Mixdown. MV360. R360 Surround Reverb. S360 Surround Imager & Panner. UM225/UM226. Enhance your surround sound mixes, with Waves' 360 Surround Tools Surround Tools plug-in bundle! Plug-ins: Bundles More Info
    Seller: SweetwaterFree Shipping!
    (In stock)

    42, 000 BTU Square Pyramid Outdoor Patio Propane Heater - Stainless Steel (Silver)

    Standing nearly 90in. tall, this handsome heater provides a tower of heat, light and beauty. Equipped with electronic ignition for no-hassle startups. Adjust the flame to suit the situation. Heats up to 130 sq. feet. Protective grill stays cool to the touch for safety. Uses 20-lb. propane tank (not included). 22.9in.L x 20.7in.W x 89.4in.H. Size: 42. Color: Stainless steel. More Info
    Seller: Kotula'sFree Shipping on orders over $25
    (In stock)

    Berner SLC07-1036A Air Door

    The Air Door by Berner: Sanitation Series Low Profile Air Curtain, 36L, unheated, (1) 1/5 hp motor, for doors up to 7' high, aluminized steel cabinet, baked-on electrostatic white powdered coated aluminum steel cabinet, interior or exterior mounting, UL listed, EPH listed for NSF 37. More Info
    Seller: KaTom Restaurant Supply
    (In stock)

    Profusion Heat Indoor/Patio Mounted Radiant Heater, Silver

    This Profusion Heat Wall-/Ceiling-Mount Radiant Heater heats up to 400 square feet with silent, efficient radiant heat. The 3000 Watt, 240 Volt heater delivers 10,234 BTU. Powerful indoor/patio heater mounts to wall or ceiling and features a carbon heating element, 2 heat settings adjustable by remote control, and a durable anodized extruded aluminum alloy housing. Hardwired connection. Includes remote control. Overall dimensions are 54 1/3in.L x 6 3/8in.W x 5 9/10in.H. More Info
    Manufacturer: ProFusion Heat
    Seller: Kotula'sFree Shipping on orders over $25
    (In stock)

    41, 000 BTU Outdoor Propane Patio Heater with Wicker Stand, Flame

    Warmth, wicker and wheels. That's what makes this powerful propane heater the perfect addition to patios, decks and backyards. Heat areas up to 115 sq. feet. Getting the heat started is easy every time, thanks to the electronic ignition. Adjust the flame to create the mood and warmth you desire. Handy wicker stand is fashionable and functional, concealing the propane tank (not included). Wheels provide easy movement. Uses 20-lb. propane tank (not included). 32L x 32 W x 87H. Size: 41. More Info
    Seller: Kotula'sFree Shipping on orders over $25
    (In stock)

    Seabreeze 197564 Heater

    ThermaFlo technology automatically detects a room's temperature and adjusts the heater's output to reflect the desired comfort level. ThermaFlo technology also synchronizes the fan speed with the heat ...  More Info
    (1 store)

    1800 Sq. Ft Electric Portable Infrared Quartz Space Heater Remote Black

    Seller: Costway.com
    (In stock)

    Mika Metals 7075 Pro Series Mk-78-Ch-Blue

    Mika Metals 7075 Pro Series Mk-78-Ch-Blue MIKA METALS MK-78-CH-BLUE7075 PRO SERIES More Info
    Seller: Autoplicity
    (In stock)

    Berner CLC08-1036A Air Door

    The Air Door by Berner: Commercial Series Low Profile Air Curtain, 30L, unheated, (1) 1/5 hp motor, for doors up to 8' high, baked-on electrostatic white powder coated aluminized steel cabinet, factory installed variable speed controller, interior mounting only, UL listed. Contact customer service for voltage options. More Info
    Seller: KaTom Restaurant Supply
    (In stock)

    Bromic Heating BH3030011 22 Heat Deflector

    This Bromic Heating BH3030011 heat deflector will help protect your ceilings from your outdoor heaters! Designed to fit Tungsten 300 series heaters from Bromic Heating, this heat deflector directs heat away from ceilings and towards customers to maximize your heater's ability to heat outdoor patios, bars, and dining areas. This deflector also helps prevent damage to sensitive painted, plastic, or wooden ceilings in applications where minimal clearance above the unit is required. Heaters mounted within 3' 6 of a ceiling must use this deflector, but the deflector will not provide maximum protection if the heater is mounted closer than 14. Overall Dimensions: Length: 22 Width: 11 Height: 3 BH3030011 From Bromic Heating More Info
    Manufacturer: Bromic
    Seller: WebstaurantStoreIn Stock
    (In stock)

    Horizon Hammered Drum Cross Dark Bronze Large Table/Stool (Hammered Drum Cross Table / Stool Bronze Large), Brown

    This fixture could be perfect for an indoor or outdoor garden table or could be used as a drum side table. This table/stool is incredibly convenient due to its many uses. Brand: Horizon Model: H-1109 Includes: One (1) cross table Materials: Iron Finish: Dark bronze Dimensions: 23.5 inches high x 21 inch diameter Color: Brown. More Info
    Seller: Overstock.comEveryday Free Shipping Over $50
    (In stock)

    Crown Verity CV-EH-1500-S Commercial Patio Heaters

    The Commercial Patio Heaters by Crown Verity: Insta-Heat Infrared Patio Heater, indoor/outdoor, 22 long, electric, halogen lamp, low glare, Bluetooth Smart Technology, wall-mounting brackets & remote control included, anodized aluminum construction, 120v/60/1-ph, 12.5 amp. More Info
    Manufacturer: Crown Verity
    Seller: KaTom Restaurant Supply
    (In stock)

    Berner BPD-ET4560NB Commercial Patio Heaters

    The Commercial Patio Heaters by Berner: Deco-Tube. Heater. Dual Comfort Series. Compact Comfort Indoor/Outdoor Model. 45,000 (Lo) - 60,000 (Hi) BTU. Black Finish. 15' Reflector Length. Natural Gas. More Info
    Seller: KaTom Restaurant Supply
    (In stock)

    Mr. Heater Propane Vent-Free Blue Flame Wall Heater - 30, 000 BTU, Model MHVFB30LPT

    Mr. Heater Propane Vent-Free Blue Flame Wall Heater uses natural convection to circulate warm, comfortable air evenly throughout your entire room, uniformly providing cozy warmth like your home heating system. No venting, chimney or electricity is required, making this heater ideal for power outages. You also get easy temperature control, thanks to the multi-output valve. Convenient piezo ignition offers simple, reliable starting and the automatic low oxygen shutoff system provides safety. Includes brackets for wall mounting and legs for floor use. Add the optional blower, Item# 52571 sold separately, to help circulate warmth more quickly and efficiently. Not for sale in California or Canada. Use in accordance with local codes and ordinances. Igniter Piezo, Thermostat Included Yes, Product Type Convection heat, Oxygen Depletion Sensor Yes, Needs Direct Venting No, Heating Capability sq. ft. 750, Gas Inlet in. 3/8, Dimensions L x W x H in. 27 1/4 x 11 1/4 x 27, Clearance from Side Wall in. 6, Clearance from Corner in. 6, BTU Output 30,000, Blower Included No, Clearance from Rear Wall in. 1. Heat areas up to 750 sq. feet Uses natural convection to circulate warm, comfortable air throughout the room - great for family rooms, workshops, basement and other hard-to-heat areas Easy installation with no venting or electricity required, making it ideal for power outages Clean-burning, cost-effective heat Multi-output valve provides easy temperature regulation Convenient piezo ignition for no-hassle starting Automatic low oxygen shutoff system Uses 1.4 lbs./hour Includes brackets for wall mounting and legs for floor use Requires 6in. clearance from corner and side wall 4500ft. high altitude restriction Model Number: F299730. Age Group: Adult. More Info
    Manufacturer: Stoves
    Seller: Northern ToolFree Gift Card w/ Order
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    King Electric U1250 Heater

    $116.99 - $124.99
    (2 stores)

    King Electric LPW2445T Heater

    (1 store)

    SunStar 43841020 Heater

    (1 store)

    Mr. Heater F272800 Heater

    (1 store)

    Heatstar 4040 LA5 Heater

    (1 store)

    Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 Heater

    Using a simple design that just works, the Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 indoor heater is a capable device that keeps your home warm during the cold months. It uses kerosene as fuel, which a wick draws up to keep ...  More Info
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